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School Goals, Mission & Vision

Our Instructional Focus & Goals
Our Mission, Vision and Equity Statement 

Vision Statement

P37R is an inclusive school community where every student is celebrated in a safe, collaborative environment. Our core beliefs are grounded in the importance of all stakeholders participating in the decision-making process and the power of an individual's voice – critical to self-advocacy and supportive of students reaching their highest level of potential. By having an assets-based mindset, our students will achieve greatness and be best prepared for post-secondary outcomes. 

Mission Statement

  • Collaborate with all stakeholders (students, teachers, leaders, parents, and community partnerships) to ensure ongoing conversations and decision making centered on success for our students in a welcoming and affirming school environment.   
  • Evaluate our practices: varied data sources, our policies, use of resources and time to support an inclusive curricula, social emotional learning and communicative opportunities.  
  • Cultivate interprofessional practices and targeted professional learning communities supporting an asset-based mindset.  
  • Communicate to ensure all voices are heard in our school community. 
  • Educate students, teachers, all staff, leaders, parents, and community partners by building meaningful partnerships to advance our shared vision.  
  • Ensure all students are college and career ready and meeting their fullest potential as lifelong learners, strong communicators, and digital citizens. 

Student Affirmation

I believe that I can learn and meet any challenge.

I am an important member of my home, my school and my community.

I work with my teachers, my classmates and my family to become the best person I can be.


Equity Vision Statement 
The David Marquis School of the Arts is a school community that celebrates and honors every unique individual member and the multifaceted experiences that they bring to the school.
We believe that embracing our diversity leads to social/emotional and academic excellence. Our curriculum reflects our commitment to diversity and to a multicultural perspective. 
We actively seek to understand the complex and rich identities of self and others and lean into difficult topics related to diversity and inclusion. This pursuit and belief prepare out students to be contributing members of an increasingly diverse and digitally connected world.