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Vocational Training Sites

  Adaptive Design At Adaptive Design program students here create adaptive, lightweight equipment to service the needs of other students throughout Staten Island. The equipment being created includes writing easels, foot rests, slant boards, iPad holders, and tippy stools (balancing stools).

Companion Dog Training Center


Companion Dog Training Center teachers our students maintenance skills such as vacuum, mopping, cleaning, and wiping down surfaces.

Students learn how to follow directions, multi step tasks, communication skills, working with hand tools, working with others, learning how to dress appropriately for work sites/weather.

 Fairfield Inn Marriott At the Fairfield Inn Marriott students learn about restocking breakfast needs including: refrigerator, paper goods, utensils, butters, cream cheese, jelly. Students also learn about general maintenance chores such as: mopping, sweeping, cleaning counters and tables and washing dishes, food prep. This helps students to learn how to following directions in the workplace, communication, organizational skills as well as practicing decision making.
 Gericke Farm

Gericke Farm is a complete horticultural program. We start with planting seeds in a greenhouse, to planting on the field, to harvest, then compost.


  Into the Woods Adaptive Design
 Dollar Tree At Dollar Tree students learn how to behave and interact within the community appropriately. They learn how to make and follow a list of items they want/need and how to budget their money appropriately.
  Senator Lanza's Office Adaptive Design
 The Staaten At The Statten students learn how to behave and interact within the community appropriately. Students learn skills such as using a checklist to help them clean and set tables for lunch service.