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School Leadership Team Members 2021 - 2022: 
Ann Marie Donato
Scott Gabel
Anna Bonomo
Gina Consolmagno
Kristie Montalvan
Dr. Cori Regan
Patricia Rossiter
Frances Amato Dominguez
Cathryn Mione
Lori Ann Infante
School Leadership Team Meeting Dates 2021 - 2022:
Joining The School Leadership Meeting:
The P37R School Leadership Meetings are open and may be observed by guests. If you would like to observe a School Leadership Team meeting, you must email or call the SLT Chairperson Cathryn Mione ([email protected]) and/or Dr. Regan ([email protected]) and let them know wish meeting you would like to attend. 
The David Marquis School of the Arts School Leadership Team By Laws

Mission Statement


The mission of the P37R The David Marquis School of the Arts Leadership Team is a collaborative effort between staff and parents, whose responsibility is to develop specific social-communication, social-emotional and educational programs, which will coordinate and be the cohesive influence of fulfilling the vision of P37R and supporting the achievement of independence in post-secondary outcomes.


Article I Name

The name of the team shall be the P37R The David Marquis School of the Arts School Leadership Team - (referred to as the “SLT”).


Article II Objectives

The objectives of the P37R Leadership Team are to:

1. Develop the Comprehension Educational Plan (CEP) for P37R.

2. Discuss budget and resource alignment to the Comprehensive Education Plan.

3. Discuss and plan school wide events throughout the organization.

4. Discuss Chancellor’s initiatives and Chancellor’s Regulations.

5. To ensure successful collaboration between all community partners and stakeholders, internal and external, to discuss issues and concerns that impact our school community and ensure resources are provided.


Article III Team Composition

Section 1: Membership of the SLT shall include10 members. The team shall maintain an equal number of parent and staff members.

1.1 Mandatory members of the SLT are the Principal, UFT Chapter Leader and PTA President. Each of these members will be allowed to appoint a designee, if necessary, who will then participate in a scheduled meeting for the remainder of the year.

1.2 The maximum number of persons representing the parent constituency will be five (5). The maximum number of people representing the staff constituency will be five (5).

1.3 Parent representation will consist of the PTA President (mandatory member) and the remaining seats will be filled through the process of the parent association.

1.4 Staff representation will consist of the Principal and UFT Chapter Leader (mandatory members) and one staff member each representing the other members of the P37R school organization.

1.5 The term of office for the SLT will be served for no more than three (3) years and no consecutive terms. (See Article IV). This will be waived for parent participation if necessary.

1.6 The SLT may include a minimum of 2 high school students. The SLT can have representation of Community Board Organization’s (CBO’s) and students that are not counted towards the balance of staff and parent members.


Section 2: Responsibilities of the SLT Members

2.1 Each SLT member will participate in Professional Development Programs on an annual basis if offered by the New York City Department of Education.

2.2 Attendance for each SLT member will be expected to be at 7/10 of all meetings.

2.3 Additional expectations of SLT members will consist of participation in Sub-Committees or Ad Hoc committees.

2.4 Each SLT member is expected to serve a term of 3 years.


Article IV Election of Team Members

Section 1: As per Article III, section 1.1, other than mandatory members, elections will be held for the following:

1.1 Parent SLT members will be elected by the parent association during the spring election process as per Chancellor’s Regulations. Parent representation will align with staff representation.

1.2 Staff SLT members will be elected by their constituency groups (teachers, paraprofessionals, DC 37, Related Service Providers). Staff representation will align with parent representation.

Section 2: When a vacancy occurs, the SLT will do the following:

2.1 Vacancies will be filled by their constituent groups and elections will be held accordingly as these vacancies present themselves (see 4.2). The vacancy is to be posted for 10 days prior to the election.

2.2 Regarding SLT member resignation: any SLT member must put their resignation in writing and circulate their resignation through e-mail or mail to all members of the SLT. A resignation letter must be dated. An SLT member has 48 hours to rescind their resignation in writing. Resignation will be final by the close of business the day after 48 hours.

2.3 If any member of the SLT is charged with neglect of duty or misconduct by any of the other SLT members, that member has the right to a rebuttal or defense of his/her actions. A consensus by the entire SLT will be conducted and if the majority of members vote for removal, that member will be released from his/her duties.


Article V Role and Responsibilities

Section 1: Role of the Chairperson: the role of the chair is to ensure that the SLT meetings are effectively organized, that the SLT stays focused on educational issues, that SLT members have the necessary information to guide their planning and that the voices of all SLT members are heard. When it will facilitate planning, decision making and other team operations, the SLT may choose to have Co-Chairs.

1.1 The team will select through consensus who will be the chairperson and/or co-chairperson.

1.2 The procedures for removing the Chair or the Co-Chair will be the same as removing a member of the SLT as denoted in Article IV, Section 2.4.

1.3 The Chair or the Co-Chair will be responsible for obtaining and responding to communications from open Leadership mailbox.


Section 2: Recording Secretary: minutes-following Robert’s Rules of Order. There will be a Recording Secretary whose responsibility will be to record and document the minutes of each meeting. The recording Secretary will have the minutes typed and recorded into the permanent record and presents them for review and acceptance at the next SLT meeting. Approved meetings will be posted on school website and on the Parent Coordinator’s bulletin boards. If the Recording Secretary is absent, another SLT member will record the minutes.


Article VI SLT Meetings

Section 1: The schedule of the SLT meetings will be as follows:

1.1 The SLT will conduct no less than 10 meetings in the course of a year.

1.2 The allowable number of meetings that can be missed will be no greater than 3 meetings.

1.3 For any member with 3 unexcused absences, their position will be presented to the appropriate constituent group in order to fill their vacancy.


Section 2: Notice of Meetings.

2.1 The SLT will establish a yearly calendar of meetings and seminars. The SLT may adjust and/or reschedule meetings as needed. Any such changes will be shared with SLT members via email and will be posted publicly on the P37R website.


Section 3: SLT meetings and the open meetings law (Dec. 2016)

3.1 We have adjusted our SLT meetings pursuant to Public Officers Law, Article 7. Sections 100-111.

3.2 All meetings are open to the public and will be held in a barrier-free accessible place. These meetings are for observational purposes only. We provide a calendar of meeting dates on the school website.

3.3 District 75 is responsible for notifying the public of meeting dates and times.

· The public, press, and community are not allowed to vote or participate; however, they may be allowed to speak if the SLT chooses to allow it, but within established parameters, such as allowing an opportunity for ALL attendees to speak who wish to do so, and implementing a time to speak, such as a two-minute limit.

· These parameters should be delineated within the SLT by-laws.

· If any attendees cause disruption and do not comply with requests to refrain, they may be escorted from the meeting by school security.

3.4 Recording:

· The public, press and school community are allowed to record the SLT meetings.

· P37R SLT team has adopted and implemented rules which govern the location of equipment and personnel used to record the meetings (for example, but not limited to, no flash from cameras, no equipment that

makes noise, no close-up photos, etc.). These rules will be posted clearly at the meeting’s location and written copies will be provided to the attendees.


Section 4: Format of the Meetings

4.1 Establishment of the agenda will follow “Robert’s Rules of Order”. An agenda covers an entire session, in which case it is the order of business for that session and is adopted by consensus. Any unfinished business at the end of the current meeting will be carried over to the next meeting. The process of adhering to and movement of the meeting is the responsibility of the Chair and Co-Chair.

4.2 Minutes must be taken at all SLT meetings and made available in the school and digitally on our website after review and acceptance at the next SLT meeting.


Section 5: Procedures for Calling Special Meetings

5.1 “Robert’s Rules of Order” will be followed when necessary. A “special meeting” is a separate session from the regularly scheduled meetings. It will be convened only to consider a particular business item that require special attention and needs to be dealt with prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. The Chair, Co-Chair or Principal can call for a special meeting, which will be determined upon receiving a minimum of 3 requests from SLT members calling for a special meeting.

Section 6: Quorum-following “Robert’s Rules of Order”

6.1 A quorum of members of the SLT shall constitute 6 of the total members.


Section 7: Order of Business-following “Robert’s Rules of Order”

7.1 The Chairperson or Co-Chair will:

· Call to order

· Reading and approval of the previous meeting’s minutes

· Committee Report

· Discussion of unfinished business agenda items

· Discussion of new business agenda items

· Creation of agenda for the next meeting

· Time to address public comments if applicable (10 minutes)

· Adjournment


Article VII Decision Making Procedures

Section 1: Decision Making Methods of the SLT

1.1 All decisions will be made by consensus.

Section 2: Decision Making for SLT when a quorum is not possible.

2.1 If a quorum (60% of the SLT) does not exist, decision making resolutions cannot be made.

2.2 If a decision is needed in a timely manner prior to the next scheduled meeting, the SLT can:

a. Chair would be contacted regarding the urgent business and call a meeting if the issue requires immediate attention.


Article VIII Committees

Section 1: Sub-Committees/Ad Hoc Committees

1.1 Sub-Committees or Ad Hoc Committees will be formulated as need arises.

1.2 The selection of the Chairperson or Co-Chair and members will be determined via consensus.

1.3 The Committee will be dissolved when the need no longer exists based on review and consensus of the SLT members. 1.4 All Sub-Committee/Ad Hoc Committee members will be compensated at the same rate as the SLT members.


Article IX Amendments

These By-Laws may be amended via consensus of a quorum (at least 60% attendance), provided that the amendment has been presented in writing to the members at the previous meeting. Amendments are effective immediately unless otherwise stated in the motion.

A review of these By-Laws can be requested at any time by the SLT, but as a matter of course shall be conducted every 2 years. Next review of these By-Laws should be conducted in February 2023.


Revised and Accepted:

School Leadership Team Minutes
The School Leadership Team meets monthly and a recording secretary takes minutes on the meeting. We ratify these minutes at the start of our next meeting. Minutes will be posted on the website when they are ratified and then available for viewing. 
January 2022 SLT Minutes (Coming Soon)
November 2021 SLT Minutes