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Address:  232 Barlow Avenue. Staten Island, New York 10308

Phone:  929-284-3990 Extension 301


Administrator: Shanna Jezycki
Bussing: Lisa Anderson 718-984-9800 ext. 1531

Special Programs

District 75 provides special classes with ratios of 12:1:1, 8:1:1, 6:1:1, and 12:1:4 as well as other ratios for students in full inclusion. In our P.S. 32 site, we have the following programs available to students. 



For students whose needs are severe and chronic and require constant, intensive supervision, a significant degree of individualized attention, intervention and behavior management.

  • 8 students
  • One special education teacher
  • One paraprofessional


For students with very high needs in most or all areas including academic, social and/or interpersonal development, physical development, and management. Classes provide highly intensive individual programming, continual adult supervision, a specialized behavior management program to engage in all tasks, and a program of speech/language therapy (which may include augmentative/alternative communication).

  • 6 students
  • One special education teacher
  • One paraprofessional